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            Shanghai ForeFront Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
            Address: 1st Floor West, Building 7, No. 249, Faladi Road Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park Shanghai Pudong, China
            Email: contactus@forefrontpharma.com
            Website: www.guanlangaoshou.org.cn

            Shanghai ForeFront Pharma is a R&D driven and innovation focused novel biopharmaceutical company. The company began its journey on high-end generics, but is entering into innovative drug development upon establishing its footprints in generic business after 5 years. Forefront’s generic portfolio includes difficult-to-synthesis molecules such as semi-synthetics, innovative drug delivery systems such as CR & SR formulation, fixed dose combination technologies, etc. which have PIV and 505b2 potentials. The new drug portfolio currently focuses on orphan drugs and anticancer drugs. Forefront has built an experienced and highly capable R&D team, and introduced sophisticated equipment to support its ambition to become one of the leading research based pharmaceutical companies in China.

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